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Alicia Alaimo -Excellent (January 5, 2018)
Dayon helped us. She did a wonderful job. Very patient and supportive. I love the experience there
Katie Jones -Excellent (January 4, 2018)
I had the most wonderful experience at Catans! The consultant was great to work with! I really felt like they gave me their undivided attention to help me find the dress of my dreams! The owner worked one on one with me to make sure that I had the perfect dress! I would recommend going here to everyone!!! It was just a perfect experience! Can’t wait to get my dress 🙂
Brittany Homola -Excellent (December 18, 2017)
Beautiful space, gorgeous gowns and extremely personable consultants. Excellent experience all around!
Denise Kershaw -Excellent (Oct 9, 2017)
I brought my daughter and soon to be daughter I law to Catans on Sunday. My daughter had a great experience and found her dress. The lady that helped her never made her feel rushed no matter how busy it got. She was very helpful in choosing dresses as a matter of fact my daughter bought the exact opposite of what she thought she wanted. However my daughter in law had a very different experience. She was basically forgotten in the rush. I myself could see she was almost in tears. She is pregnant and the dresses weren’t fitting properly but she needed attention and compassion from her expert and what she got was nothing close.
Mimi Rothgery -Excellent (Oct 8, 2017)
My experience was wonderful. I was worried about having too big of an entourage but they were very accommodating. I also found myself hesitant to pull dresses but the employee working with me was very patient and helpful. She suggested numerous dresses that I would never have pulled for myself but looked very flattering on. They also didn’t rush us out and allowed us to take our time with trying various dresses/belts/veils. I ended up choosing a dress that was listed way over my price range but Patricia was willing to work with us on the cost. I have only good things to say about this visit. They were timely, attentive, and treated us like family. THANK YOU!!!
Britney Gedeon -Excellent (Oct 7, 2017)
We weren’t sure what to expect when we went to this bridal store. It wasn’t a store but an experience. The staff was very helpful and we did not feel pressured. We found two dresses we loved but went home to think about it. We will be back to make a final selection!
Maritza Linares -Excellent (Sun, Oct 1, 2017)
A wonderful place that truly focuses on the bride and your likes are. You are immediately welcomed and assisted! A very nice quiet place with not too many other appointments happening at one time. They have this awesome lighting feature that let’s you see what you will look like during reception time or outside sun lighting. Super cool! Overall great experience!
Deanna Forbush -Excellent (Sun, Oct 1, 2017)
Good experience! And a great atmosphere. They are truly achieving their goal of being all about the Bride. I felt very cared for while picking my dress for my special day!
Lisa Echeverry – Excellent (Sun, Sep 24, 2017)
Best experience ever. Very helpful honest and attentive. Dresses were of the highest quality. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I will be buying my dress here. There is a selection to die for!!!
Katie Liepold – Excellent (Sat, Sep 16, 2017)
At other salon’s I felt rushed and pressured. I sat down with a rep who listened to what I wanted, didn’t talk me out of what I was looking for, but did show me other options. They salon is affordable price wise but the quality is top notch. I’m glad I ended up stopping in on a whim as I said yes to my dress here!
Abigail Blei -Excellent (Sat, Sep 16, 2017)
I had the best experience at Catan’s!!! Everyone there is so friendly and truly professional. I was so disappointed when they closed last year because I always wanted to get my wedding dress from Catans! I would recommend them to absolutely anyone!
Amanda Celinski -Excellent (Wed, Sep 09, 2017)
My experience with Catans today was the best. I had an extremely terrible experience at a different bridal salon and was so scared to try again. Mrs Catan and my bridal consultant made me feel amazing and calmed me down the second I stepped in the door with my mother. I tried on many dresses and ended up falling in love with one of her designs. I’m so happy I was able to get my dream dress here!!!
LeAnn Zanni -Excellent (Wed, Sep 08, 2017)
They were so wonderful! Very knowledgeable and helpful, I went in with one idea and found the style I absolutely love!
Lisa Krall – Excellent (Wed, Sep 06, 2017)
I am so happy Patrice opened her store again! The dresses are beyond beautiful with a variety of designs. The customer service is excellent. I felt beautiful and listened to.
Krystal Bruzdzinski – Excellent  (Wed, Sep 06, 2017)
Honestly, AMAZING! The staff was exceptional (especially the one in town from Missouri, Katie I think, sorry I am terrible with names) and the owner/designer, Patrice Catan was so passionate and helpful. The new location is absolutely gorgeous inside, even special lighting by the mirrors so you can see what you will look like in your dress in all the different types of settings (outside, church, and venue lighting). Selection was great as well as reasonable pricing. I could not have asked for a better bridal dress shopping experience!


Michelle Lombardo – Excellent (Wed, Sep 06, 2017)
Very helpful and knowledgeable. Made me feel very important. All staff were helping me out during my appointment and made me feel beautiful!!!
Ashton Heath – Excellent (Wed, Sep 06, 2017)
Everyone at Catan’s was incredible! They were all so sweet and very much so willing to help me with everything. They listened to all of my concerns and wants and needs for my gown, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure I get what I need. I will gladly share the Catan’s name with anyone and everyone looking for bridal!
Kelley Gierowski – Excellent  (Tue, Sep 05, 2017)
Very fulfilling experience. Would recommend any bride-to-be to come to Catan Fashions.


Tamara Grier – Excellent  (Tue, Sep 05, 2017)
Thank you so much for the Ultimate Experience in my wedding dress search. I’ve been searching for a long time and I didn’t have the experience I did at Catan Fashions everyone was so helpful and definitely attentive to detail of my style and I thank the owner Ms. Patrice for her lovely Service as well. You have a beautiful store, and I must say I feel kind of honored for being the first bride in your new store. Hey everyone if you want wonderful service and find a beautiful gown Catan Fashions is the way to go thank ya’ll so much once again and I will be back to get my dress! 🙂

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