Plus Size Bridal Gowns

Nothing is more gorgeous than a happy and confident bride— something only a beautiful, well-fitted wedding gown can help her feel!

At Catan Fashions, we celebrate the diversity of body shapes, and offer a range of stunning plus size wedding dresses. No matter how you define your curves, you will find the perfect dress waiting for you here. Our collection comprises of breathtaking lace, crystal, bead and sequin work, with the finishing done just right so that the gown looks like it was magically tailored just for you!

Curves by Catans are gorgeous Bridal Gowns exclusively designed for Brides sizes 16-30. Curves designer Patrice Catan, is dedicated to providing EVERY Bride the opportunity to find the dress of their dreams. With Curves by Catans Bridal Gowns, Brides should expect superior quality, countless options, and affordable pricing.

With these amazing designs, you will achieve a standout look on your big day!



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