By Jenn Sinrich | Published on June 4, 2018

Wedding planning is stressful enough—then, tack being pregnant on top of it all and it’s no surprise if you’re feeling completely overwhelmed. As if there wasn’t already so much to plan for your nuptials and the celebration following it, you now have less than nine months to prepare for a life-long parenting journey. First thing’s first: don’t panic. Whether your pregnancy was planned or a total shock, it’s undoubtedly a doubly exciting time in your life. And, you totally can and (likely will) have the wedding of your dreams and take the expressway to parenthood with grace—although, you will probably hit a few speed bumps along the way. To help ensure you arrive to both destinations safely and with your sanity intact, here is a step-by-step guideline of what to do in the months leading up to your wedding date and due date.

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