“Men are what their mothers made them.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


For a man, his first love is his mother. From the moment he opens his eyes to the moment he learns to walk on his own two feet, he leans on his mother for support. But that’s just the physical aspect of it.

Throughout his journey, his mother is his life support. She is the emotional support he needs. When he cries, smiles, plays, and gets angry—she is always there by his side, comforting him, scolding him, and guiding him.

There’s no one that can be compared to a mother, and the special bond she shares with her little bundle of joy is something that cannot be described in mere words.

And the mother-son dance is the perfect way to highlight that unbreakable relationship, to dive deep into its beautiful essence.


  • The Importance of a Mother-Son Dance


For a mother, there’s nothing more she wants than seeing her son happy. And the bond that she shares with him is one that will last a lifetime! A connection not only via blood but through the heart as well.

The significance of the mother-son dance comes from old traditions. It’s to signify that no matter what, no matter who he marries, his mother will always be a significant lady in his life. For a man, he relies on his mother for emotional support.

It’s a reminder of the days when he would put his tiny feet on her, and dance away, lacing his tiny fingers with hers. It’s a reminder of the days when he would cry because she fell down, and want to hold onto her for comfort and support. Mommy made everything better.

In that moment, he is dancing with her as her little boy. The feeling is overwhelming, and yet so beautiful!

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